July 2018 Partner of the Month: Simple Pursuit Missions

Simple Pursuit Missions, Jumbled Dreams, Changing Lives, Uganda

Simple Pursuit Missions, Jumbled Dreams, Changing Lives, Uganda

Jessica Upchurch, a long-time friend and now proud supporter of Jumbled Dreams Changing Lives, will be traveling to Uganda for three weeks in August.

In 2017, she supported children at an orphanage, Restoration Gateway, through sports ministry providing them with their very first outdoor basketball game with funds she raised through donations and supporters.

During her mission trip this August, she will be focusing on the Physical Education program as well as leading the basketball team at the orphanage to an outdoor basketball game again. There will be around 24 people attending the trip where they will be competing with another orphanage in Uganda.

“This is such an amazing opportunity for the kids to live out their dreams and passion for sports while loving people and getting experiences that they wouldn’t normally have,” said Upchurch.

Their current needs to allow for the orphanage outdoor basketball game include:

    • Transportation to the outdoor basketball courtSimple Pursuit Missions, Jumbled Dreams, Changing Lives, Uganda
    • Meals for 24 people
    • Packed snacks and water for the players

The estimated budget is $300. This will provide plenty of food and water for the players, and pay for the transportation that is very expensive in Uganda–especially with big busses.

Will you help us help the children of the orphanage in Uganda enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures by donating today?

Post Event Update:

From Jessica Upchurch –

“Last year was Restoration Gateway’s first outdoor basketball game. This year, we went to another orphanage called Watoto.

We took a group of 24 young athletes–a girls’ team and a boys’ team. Both teams played very hard and the games were so exciting!  The children battled their way through adversity and had many opportunities to grow and work together.  It was such a fun day for us!

On our way back home, we stopped by the local market and were able to enjoy some snacks.

When we returned home we had a beautiful dinner together where we were able to laugh, fellowship, and make memories together.

So, thank you, Jumbled Dreams and all those who supported us through you, for giving us a way to play the sport we love and make memories together. The memories that were made on this day will be treasured for a lifetime.”

Jumbled Dreams, Changing Lives, Watoto, Simple Pursuit Missions Jumbled Dreams, Changing Lives, Watoto, Simple Pursuit Missions

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